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Understanding Comics, by Scott McCloud…

I've suffered through more Art History classes than I care to recall. They taught me a great deal about what's been done before, but the great questions of why does art exist was largely left to our speculation. Likewise, the practical question of why one would choose one art style over another was always attributed purely to the philosophies of the artists through time, reacting to their environment and the work of the artists before them. This did not imbue me with a great deal of respect for art.

I really wish my Art History teacher had assigned this book. Scott McCloud talks more clearly about what art is, what it's good for, and how it functions effectively than the three semesters of lecture I had about what's gone before. It seems like practitioners of Art History talk about art almost exclusively through writing, but writing is a visual, emotional medium, and you lose a lot approaching it exclusively through text. By writing comics about art, McCloud integrates show and tell in a way that seems like this is how art was always meant to be discussed.

Anyone learning about art or design should prioritize reading this book. Suddenly, art makes sense!
nomadinkstudio Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014

DawnPaladin, I fully agree that "Understanding Comics" is a fantastic title, and required reading for anyone who wants to understand the structure and effects of clear storytelling (and many basic concepts about art) in any medium. I had heard of this book, but did not know that it was a must read. I had a workshop with Ian Noble (RIP) not too long ago, and he told me that I should read it. After a few hours at the library with this book I was hooked, and a phrase that Noble told me helped me unlock my project the next day. "Space does for comics what time does for film."

I would like to add Will Eisner's book "Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative" as another must read. It's spot on with many levels of analysis of visual storytelling. Be well! Congrats on the success of your Periodic Table of Storytelling, I have included in in my MA thesis.

ChickenChasser Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
Did you have Senior Seminar yet? I always wonder what art was for but some of the articles in that class helped clear that up.
Unless David changed it since last summer...
DawnPaladin Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013
I just finished Senior Seminar! That class helped, but none of my classes has really addressed what art is really for. We talked about it some in History of Communications Design, but that was mostly students batting around their own theories. This is the first instance I've seen of someone presenting a Grand Theory of Art in a way that's actually compelling.
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